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Healthcare Providers--There are many challenges in healthcare today: transitioning to value-based care, government regulations and demands, adequate payment for care--to name a few.

Providing quality care for your patients is more difficult in the face of these challenges. Clinicians are challenged in spending time with each patient and still maintain an income to support their practice.

I am Donald Tex Bryant, the owner of Bryant's Healthcare Solutions. I have been working with clients for well over a decade helping them improve outcomes with patients and clients using methods that have proven effective in many settings.

For physicians, nurses, physician assistants, administrators, and others who provide patient care or support it is necessary to improve outcomes while reducing costs and to improve patient satisfaction in order to prosper in a value-based market. High patient satisfaction is a must.

Some of the keys to success are capitalizing on the data you have, engaging patients in their own care, improving teamwork and understanding and avoiding risks. Providers who focus on improving these keys to success as well as quality of care, care coordination and social determinants are doing well in a value-based care climate.

Perhaps the way you have approached care giving has been satisfactory and rewarding in the past. But in today's environment new challenges are making it very difficult to achieve past results. There's more paperwork and you are working more hours just to keep up with past levels of achievement. It is time to change and focus on providing value in caring for patients, to hit the Triple Aim of Healthcare.

Bryant's has worked with providers in these key areas to help them provide better care at a lower cost with greater satisfaction. Bryant's understands how to work with providers to make effective use of their data, to improve teamwork, to improve patient-centered care and to manage risks.

To see how Bryant's Healthcare Solutions helps healthcare providers meet their challenges, I would like to offer you a free report that describes some of the approaches that Bryant's uses and which you too can use. Click the image below to get the free report.




Donald Tex Bryant has been an excellent independent contractor for Kent ISD, providing evaluation services specific to our health grants, both state and federal. He has provided soncultation and data analysis for the following grants:

  • SNAP-Ed Nutrition and Physical Activity Grant, managed by Michigan Fitness Foundation through USDA
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance Grant, U.S. Health and Human Services, Family and Youth Services Bureau
  • Drug Free Communities (SAMHSA Grant)
    Cheryl Blair Ed.D.

    Bryant's Healthcare Solutions has provided excellent service for my research for The Effects of Ama Deus Healing to a Standard Relaxation Exercise on Depression and Anxiety in Women with Stage III or IV Ovarian Cancer at Saint Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI. Mr. Bryant provided timely help and made the analysis of my data completely understandable. He was able to effectively communicate the conclusions based upon the data so that I could easily relate it to others as well as my dissertation committee. His interpersonal skills are professional and highlly thoughtful.
    Elizabeth Cosmos, PhD, ThD

    Tex Bryant has served as a LEAN consultant for me. His demeanor is comforting and assuring, and when combined with his knowledge of LEAN and healthcare, presents a strong and supportive presence. Tex is able to listen thoroughly to system dynamics, inefficiencies and respond with clarity and precision. Both persoanlly and from an organizational perspective, he is an asset and I recommend him.
    Thomas Moore, LMSW, LLP, CCS
    Director of Infomatics, Quality Management and Research
    Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance


    Note: Bryant's is HIPAA compliant and will sign or provide an Associate Business Compliance Contract.



    Donald Tex Bryant
    certified Lean Healthcare facilitor and trainer.

    University of Michigan

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