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About Donald Tex Bryant






During my undergraduate college years my friends told me they thought of me as a bit differerent. After all, they did not know anyone who majored in mathematics and minored in English poetry. Looking back, though, I see that my interests in mathematics, poetry and art gives me some unique perspectives about challenges in my life and helping others with their challenges.


My first and very satisfying career was as a secondary mathematics teacher. As a teacher I learned a great deal about communication that I bring to my work with healthcare professionals. Listening to clients describing their challenges is as important as describing a solution.


After leaving teaching I wanted to pursue a path that would put to use my skills with data and communication while helping improve the lives of others, which is the root of teaching. (Some of my students, I am sure, would not describe my efforts to teach them mathematics as improving their lives.) This led to starting my consulting business. My first jobs were helping manufacturers with their production problems and design problems. This direction was quite satisfying.


Since working with manufacturers I have been involved with a wide variety of clients, including nonprofit organizaions, medical research clients, and groups focusing on helping youth lead healty lives. I been deeply involved in providing data analysis and advice on improving the outcomes of these organizations.


About Walt Marston


Walt Marston has been in the business of providing clients with planning, requirements analysis, process facilitation and data management for over 20 years. Data solutions design, data visualization and performance outcomes reporting are important components of his work.

Recent work has been with educational, non-profits, healthcare and business organizations to assess needs, facilitate processes, and providing simplified systems for managing, tracking and reporting performance outcomes. This is in support of quality assurance, contract compliance, accreditation review, demonstrating success to investors, boards and other stakeholders as well as other data-based solutions required by clients.

Mr. Marston has a Masters Degree in Urban Planning.



About Matt Kilroy



Matt Kilroy BS, RRT, WC-C, AE-C: Advisor to Bryant’s Healthcare Solutions

Matt Kilroy has been an advisor to Mr. Bryant for over ten years, providing a multitude of insights into the healthcare industry. Mr. Kilroy and Mr. Bryant have spent many hours discussing quality and safety in healthcare and various ways to improve the outcomes for patients and for providers. Mr. Kilroy continues to be an active source of advice for Mr. Bryant in these areas.

Mr. Kilroy has been a health care practitioner for over 30 years and wears many hats. He is a licensed Respiratory Therapist currently working in the area of Medical Case Management. He worked at Spectrum Health Butterworth Campus, Grand Rapids, MI, for 24 years in several capacities, as staff Respiratory Therapist, Educator, CPR Instructor, Group Facilitator and Supervisor. In February 2003, he changed jobs and is currently working for a health management organization based out of Grand Rapids Michigan as a Respiratory Therapist Case Manager. Matt is also a Licensed Wellness Coach and Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C). As a Wellness Coach and AE-C Matt assist others in achieving their wellness vision leading them to optimal health.

Besides his career in health care, Matt has been a professional musician, focusing on Celtic music. He played with a musical group for 20 years, until 2004, and now performs professionally as solo. He plays guitar, harmonica and banjo, among other instruments. He also holds a sixth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is the master instructor for a YMCA located in Belmont Michigan.



By the way, if you love public speaking as much as I do you might be interested in becoming a member of one of your local Toastmasters Inc. groups. I have been a member for over four years.


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