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Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Problem

A healthcare nonprofit group received a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation grant to establish a center to educate and help physician organizations and physician/hospital organizations in their efforts to establish patient-centered medical homes. A team needed to be organized to plan the center. The efforts of regional primary care sites in quality improvement and patient-centered care needed to be assessed as its state was largely unknown.


The Solution

Mr. Bryant joined a team of physicians, healthcare professionals from area colleges, and leaders of physician organizations to work on this project. First the group studied the literature on patient-centered medical homes. Then they assessed the current state of quality improvement in the region at primary care sites. They developed an outline of services that physicians stated they needed in developing patient-centered medical homes at their primary care sites. The team networked with other organizations in the state that were studying patient-centered medical homes.


The Outcome

The features of the center have been defined and the responsibilities of a director of the site have been listed. Bryant's played a significant role on this team as the advisor on using Lean quality improvement, which is the process the team wanted to use in helping build their patient-centered medical homes.


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