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What Makes Bryant's Different?

When healthcare providers work with Bryant's, what do they find? That is, what kind of results can they expect? Beyond results, is Bryant's the kind of company that you want to work with? What are its values and how does it work with clients?


Bryant's helps healthcare providers meet their challenges. Bryant's brings a broad background of problem solving to work closely with clients to create solutions to their problems.


What will happen when you work with Bryant's?

Physicians find they have more time to spend with their patients. For primary care physicians this means there will be three or four more minutes to educate each of their chronic care patients. For emergency rooms this means providing the care needed for each patient without creating a long queue of waiting patients.

Healthcare providers will find that their patients follow instructions that they are given more closely. Bryant's will help providers improve communication with patients so that the health outcomes are much better. Providers will find out how well patients are following instructions.

Primary care sites will find improved income. Many primary care sites either operate in the red or with a paper thin profit margin. Bryant's helps providers improve their bottom line.

Bryant's will help sites become better organized. Too often staff have difficulty finding supplies or find certain supplies are out of stock. Bryant's helps staff organize so supplies are readily found or are available when needed.


Bryant's shares the fundamental values of its clients.

Patient health is the most important focus. Bryant's clients have many concerns but their number one concern is patient health. We help our clients maintain this focus by making our clients our main focus.

Hard work deserves to be rewarded. Even though healthcare is very demanding in time and energy, those involved in delivering care deserve satisfaction. If they are not satisfied, then the outcomes will be less than optimal for all, including the patients. We will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your work environment.

Patients are equally responsible for the success of their care. The success of any type of care, whether for an acute condition, a chronic condition or planning for a healthy lifestyle, means the patient is actively involved in making decisions and in following a care plan. We will help your patients become more involved with their care.

Communication is very important. Clear communication between physician and patient is very important, of course. Just as important is clear communication among staff. We will help you improve the communication at your site.


Bryant's responds to the needs of its clients.

Bryant's takes the time to listen. Bryant's listens carefully to its clients. We believe that your success depends upon honest dialogue between us.

Bryant's is a partner with clients in solving their problems. Many consultants dictate to their clients what problems will be focused upon. We at Bryant's work with you to decide what challenges to solve.

Bryant's believes that data is a key to success. Just as the health of patients is built upon data and observation, Bryant's uses observations of processes and data from variables and indicators to measure progress and success.


What sets Bryant's apart from the rest?

Bryant's brings the training and experience of quality improvement from many fields. Bryant's has worked with both healthcare and service providers to improve their outcomes and services. Mr. Bryant is certified by the University of Michigan as a Lean Healthcare facilitator.


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