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Build a Patient-Centered Medical Home

A patient-centered medical home links a patient to one physician in a longitudinal relationship, usually a primary care physician, who oversees all care, whether providing it directly or overseeing the care provided by a specialist or hospital.

Bryant's will help you understand the structure of a patient-centered medical home and the advantages of building this structure at your site.

Benefits of a Patient-Centered Medical Home

There are many benefits for both patients and primary care physicians. A few of these are:

  • Outcomes are better for patients.
  • Physicians will find more time to spend with patients with chronic diseases and thus better educate them.
  • Income will rise as sites generate more income from pay-for-performance programs or insurers. Nationwide, Aetna and WellPoint are paying primary care providers more for being certified as a PCMH. CMS is studyig whether they should do this.
  • Patients will experience fewer adverse events from interaction of multiple medications. The primary care physician will be able to help the patient intelligently manage all of his or her medications.
  • Bryant's will show you ways to use data from different sources to improve the quality of outcomes for patients

How does Bryant's work with its clients to build a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

First Bryant's will help you decide what type of medical home you want to build. The NCQA version is most common but many states and insurers have developed PCMH's that you may want to implement. Whichever version of medical home best fits your needs, Bryant's will help you implement the model in a logical fashion that meets your needs for certification.

Bryant's will collaborate with you in achieving designation as a PCMH in a manner that best suits your needs. Bryant's can work work with you face-to-face at your site or Bryant's will work via electronic face-to-face media, such as GoToMeeting, Skype or Apple's Facetime.

Are you ready to act?

Does this program seem right for you? Would you like to know more? Contact Bryant's at 616-826-1699 or email Bryant's at t.bryant@alumni.utexas.net. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you decide to work with Bryant's to implement a Patient-Centered Medical Home we guarantee improved patient health, better use of your and your staff's time and an improved financial picture most probably.

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You may find the following resoureces useful for helping you build a PCMH.Click on the links provided to access the informaiton.

Teamwork--a short podcast illustrating how you can use effective teamwork at your site to improve outcomes for patients and your staff. You may right-click or option click (for Macs) to download the mp3 to your computer.

Ted Talks is a nationally recognized website that features a wide variety of speechs given at Ted events. I have found an excellent one on teamwork that I want to share with you. The concepts in the webcast are ones that I support and teach clients how to use.

Descriptions of ways physcians and clinicians can improve the engagement of their patients. Click the link to take you to my March 2014 newsletter that focused on this issue.

Click this link to take you to the NCQA website with material for certification as a PCMH.