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How Does Bryant's Help You Move Towards Value-Based Care

There are many strategies that can be used to help move a provider along the path to value-based care. The services below can be used individually or in combinations to move to a value-based care system. Find out more by clicking the links provided.


Analytics and Population Level Health Data Services--The Basis of Value-Based Care

Understanding the care that you provide to your patients in terms of population level health is becoming more important as reimbursement models are changing. Bryant's understands how to collect, analyze and report on your patient outcomes at the population level so that you can improve the overall patient outcomes and the cost per patient. Click here to learn more.


Patient Satisfaction

One of the keys to value-based care is high patient satisfaction and engagement. Bryant's can help you assess the level of satisfaction that patients have. Working with this assessment Bryant's will demonstrate ways to continually improve patient satisfaction. Click here to learn more.


Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

No matter whether you are a hospital, ambulatory center, primary care site or other site offering direct patient care, Bryant's will help you improve the quality of your service by training staff to use techniques used by the best hospitals, manufacturing industries and service organizations, namely the Toyota approach to quality. While training staff Bryant's will facilitate projects guaranteed to improve the care you offer. Your patients will be healthier and you will find more time to get things done while improving the bottom line. Click here to find out more.


Process Improvement Mentoring

The most successful helthcare sites always seek ways to improve the quality of their care. Bryant's will work with you so that you learn to use the basic tools of process improvement and understand the culture of continuous quality improvement. Bryant's will mentor you in this approach to quality healthcare until you are ready to apply the techniques on your own. Click here to find out more.


Build a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Sites which build patient-centered medical homes have been shown to significantly improve patient outcomes while increasing the bottom line. Bryant's helps providers build a PCMH. Click here to find out more.


Medical Research

Bryant's works with medical students, physicians and nurses to design research projects that produce robust results and will help analyze the data gathered. Bryant's also works with healthcare sites involved in research to help analyze their data. Click here to find out more.


Would you like to read about some of the challenges that Bryant's has helped solve for its clients. Click here to find out more.










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illustrating how Bryant's works with clients to improve their outcomes and describing techniques that you can use right away to improve patient outcomes at your site. Click here to access the free report "7 Challenges in Healthcare and How to Solve Them".


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The Seven Types of Waste indentified in the Toyota Production Model:

1. Overproduction
2. Waiting
3. Transportation
4. Processing
5. Stock on hand
6. Movement
7. Defective Products