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Know Your Patients and Staff Better

Healthcare sites which take the time and effort to better understnd their patients and staff produce better results, often with lower costs. This service will help you find out exactly what your patients' attitudes are concerning their care and what your staff thinks of their work environment. This program can also help you identify ways to improve your services. Manufacturers and service industries term this approach "The Voice of the Customer."

Results of knowing your patients and staff better

With a good Voice of the Customer program you will find results like the following:

  • Patients will respond better to your care as they experience your better "listening skills." Your chronic care patients will have fewer "emergencies."
  • You will know if your patients understand the directions that you give them.
  • You will find out what patients think of your services and thus find ways to improve them.
  • You can find out what your staff thinks of their work environment. Increasing the satisfaction of your staff will improve the service that they provide your patients.
  • You can find new services that your patients would like to see offered.

How will Bryant's work with you to find the "Voice of the Customer?"

One of the simplest ways to find the thoughts and attitudes of your patients and staff is to use a survey. Bryant's will help you develop and administer a survey that will answer the questions you have and then will analyze the data for you. Bryant's will then provide a clear report of the analysis with suggestions of how to act on the results. Developing your own survey rather than using a standard survey will provide you with more accurate insights into the questions that you have. Bryant's has worked with many clients to develop and analyze surveys.

Another method of finding out more from your patients and staff is to use better listening skills. Simply paying better attention is not enough, though. Bryant's will teach you to use the Socratic method, a way of teaching and information gathering using guided inquiry. Mr. Bryant has a firm foundation in this approach from his years of teaching.

Using a team of staff members is an excellent way to gather information about the processes at your site and how to improve upon these processes or how to design new processes. Bryant's will help you form teams that can focus on the questions you have and will help you lead the teams to successfully reach its goals. Bryant's has a wide variety of experience in this approach.


Are you ready to act?

Does this program seem right for you? Would you like to know more? Contact Bryant's at 616-826-1699 or email Bryant's at t.bryant@alumni.utexas.net. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you decide to work with Bryant's to gather better information about your patients and staff we guarantee your satisfaction with the results.

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Donald Tex Bryant
Phone (616) 826-1699