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Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

Are there significant challenges at your healthcare site which defy improvement? Perhaps you are struggling with Medicare's never events at your hospital site. Perhaps patients are falling at your site which serves the elderly. Are there too many errors in billing? The list could go on and on. Bryant's will help eliminate errors and waste while improving processes at your site.

Results you can expect using Bryant's Process Improvement Program

There are many challenges that Bryant's can help you solve using continuous quality improvement techniques. Following are samples of problems that can be solved with this approach:

  • The rate of catheter site infections can be significantly reduced.
  • The rate of medication delivered "on time" can be significantly improved.
  • The delivery of test results to patients can be significantly improved. Patients will get there test results in a timely manner and to their satisfaction.
  • Wait time at a hospital or ambulatory site can be significantly reduced.
  • Utililization of staff can be significantly improved. Problems with shortages of staff can be greatly impacted.

How will Bryant's work with you to improve your performance?

Many problems and challenges can be solved with Lean quality improvement techniques. Bryant's will first meet with leaders at a site to clarify the challenges being faced. Bryant's will then facilitate a team of your employees to solve these challenges while training them to solve similar problmens on their own. Employees will learn to use the right tool for a given problem, while learning to work in groups to identify and solve problems with a scientific approach. Outcomes will be measured and gains will be continually improved.

Are you ready to act?

Does this program seem right for you? Would you like to know more? Contact Bryant's at 616-826-1699 or email Bryant's at t.bryant@alumni.utexas.net. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you decide to work with Bryant's to overcome the challenges at your site, Bryant's guarantees positive results if you adhere to the solutions developed by the quality team.

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Donald Tex Bryant
Phone (616) 826-1699


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