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Process Improvement Mentoring

Many of the best healthcare sites use process improvement methods and tools to meet their challenges. These sites consistently use process improvement tools and methods to continuously drive improvements in patient outcomes, increase income and find more time to focus on patients. Bryant's will teach you how to confidently use a variety of tools through onsite mentoring and instruction.


Benefits of learning to use process improvement tools.

Once you learn to use a few of the basic quality tools you will get results like the following:

  • You will know effective ways to solve present and future challenges.
  • You will learn to use data to track the success of your projects.
  • Staff will be more productive as they work in teams using quality tools.
  • You will learn to measure patient satisfaction so you can use it to improve health outcomes.
  • You will learn how to build on successes in overcoming the challenges at your site to offer even better services and outcomes.


How will Bryant's teach and mentor you?

Bryant's will demonstrate to you the basic quality tools of K. Ishikawa of Toyota Motor Corporation, tools which were used in team settings by Toyota to dramatically improve the quality of the autos that they built. With these tools Toyota has enjoyed unparalleled success in the manufacture and sale of autos. Many of these same tools are now being successfully used in healthcare settings. Bryant's will not only teach you the mechanics of the tools but will also help you understand what are the best tools for a given situation. As Mr. Bryant has many years of teaching experience, he will be able to use a variety of techniques so that you will be well-founded in the use of the tools. Bryant's can also help with your Six Sigma training.

Are you ready to act?

Does this mentoring program seem right for you? Would you like to know more? Contact Bryant's at 616-826-1699 or email Bryant's at t.bryant@alumni.utexas.net. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you decide to hire Bryant's to learn to use the basic quality tools to drive continuous quality improvement at your site, we guarantee that you will be confident in applying the tools. In fact, Bryant's is more than willing to follow-up with questions you may have after the training is complete. Bryant's is also willing to continue with more advanced training when you are ready.

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Donald Tex Bryant
Phone (616) 826-1699

W. Edwards Deming's 14 Principles of Quality applied to healthcare:

1. Create consistency of purpose toward improvement of care, with a plan to be competitive.

2. Adopt a new philosophy that there shall be no errors and that a procedure is stopped when anyone sees an error.

3. Use statistical processes to build quality processes.

4. End the practice of procuring supplier services based only upon price. Use only suppliers who meet your quality standards and those of your patients.

5. Management should always be looking to find ways to improve upon processes.

6. Institute effective training methods for staff.

7. Management must adopt a new attitude of working with all staff to find ways to improve services and how to deploy the improvements. Teams are important.

8. Drive out fear on the part of staff. Everyone should feel they are a part of the team.

9. Break down barriers between departments. Destroy the silos.

10. Eliminate numerical goals.

11. Eliminate work standards that are build on numerical goals.

12. Each member of the staff has a rigth to be respected and to have pride in his or her work.

13. Improve on training and education of all staff.

14. Create a management structure that actively supports the above 13 points. Leadership is important in quality.