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Medical Research

Are you a medical student, physician or nurse involved in a research project? Are you a medical researcher needing statistical help? Perhaps you have a great research idea but are weak in the use of statistics to help you create a robust project design and to analyze the results. Bryant's will help you in both the design and analysis phases of your project.


Benefits of working with Bryant's Medical Research support program.

When you use Bryant's statistical services to help you with your medical research you will find many of the following benefits:

  • You will clearly understand the meaning of the results found in the analysis done by Bryant's.
  • No matter where you are located Bryant's will be able to work with you.
  • Bryant's provides speedy responses.
  • Bryant's can help you formulate a clear and testable hypothesis.


How does Bryant's work with students, physicians and nurses on research projects?

At the first voice contact Bryant's will solicit the basic nature of the research project and what help is required. Then you will email Bryant's a thorough description of the project and any data if any has been collected. Bryant's, after assessing the state of the research, will work with you through emails and phone calls (or face to face if you live near Grand Rapids, MI.) to advance the statistical section of the research. If help is needed designing the research so that the data wil provide robust statistical results, Bryant's will provide suggestions along with the benefits of following the suggestions in a clear report. If data is already collected, Bryant's will analyze it for you and provide a clear report along with voice contact to be sure that you understand the results.


Are you ready to act?

Are you ready to work with Bryant's on your research project? Would you like to know more? Contact Bryant's at 616-826-1699 or email Bryant's at t.bryant@alumni.utexas.net. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you decide to hire Bryant's for statistical support for your project we guarantee that you will understand the suggestions for the design of the project and the analysis of the project so that you can comfortably defend the results to any third party, whether your research director or the readers of an article you publish describing the research and results.

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Donald Tex Bryant
Phone (616) 826-1699