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Get your free e-book "Business Process Management--5 Steps to Success in Value Based Care." Find out how to implement and manage processes at your site that will help you hit the Triple Aim--better care at a lower cost with higher patient satisfaction. Those who are successful in moving towards the Triple Aim improve their bottom line.

You will find illustrations of how these methods can be used in many different health care settings.

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1. An overview of the 5 steps of business process management (BPM). BPM is used by many businesses successfully. In the healthcare environment providers can effectively manage the care processes and business processes at their sites.

2. You will find many examples in healthcare that illustrate the effective use of BPM. One example is checking patients into a clinic.

3. You will see how using these steps help providers focus on the patients. By using the steps illustated in this e-book providers will see the care that they offer becoming more patient-centered in all the work they do, whether it be clinical processes or administrative processes.


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