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Checklist for recognizing a quality healthcare organization: Click here to link to a pdf document which briefly lists 7 basic criteria of any organization which implements a total quality program.

Focus on Planning--MGMA member Jeffry Rydburg lists five areas of planning that all practices should focus upon. He listed these in Financial Management Network in July 2017. See if these are your focuses too.

Below you will find links to newsletters focusing on moving towards becoming a value-based provider. The focus is on Physician Leadership, Patient Engagement and Experience, and Telemedicine.

June2018--One of four components of the 2018 MIPS program from CMS is Improvement Activities. This newsletter focuses upon how to achieve the requirements for this component for the program. It also shows how to leverage these activities to improve reimbursement from private payers.

May2018--You can reap what you sow. If you focus on providing high quality care with high patient satisfaction, then you should be able to negotiate with payers to receive higher reimbursement. The focus of this newsltter is how to do so.

April 2018--There are different levels of value-based care each requiring different levels of ananlytic capability. This newsletter explores the different levels of providing value-based care and the skills needed to provide each level.

March2018--It is becoming increasingly important to decrease the cost of providing effective care. One way to do this is to eliminate wasteful practices such as using low value tests or repeating tests. This newsletter demonstrates how to provide better care by focusing upon evidence based testing.

February 2018--Time for patients is very valuable. Providers should focus on seeing patients on time for best results both in care and in satisfaction. Being on time with patients improve the outcomes of the Triple Aim.




Below are links to some other of my past articles that are posted on the web site EzineArticles.com and you can go to EzineArticles.com to find many more articles that I have written over the past 11 years.

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Teamwork is very important in transforming an organization into a value-based practice. This TED Talk shows how teams can work together effectively.