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Checklist for recognizing a quality healthcare organization: Click here to link to a pdf document which briefly lists 7 basic criteria of any organization which implements a total quality program.

Below you will find links to newsletters focusing on moving towards becoming a value-based provider. The focus is on Physician Leadership, Patient Engagement and Experience, and Telemedicine.

March 2017--The best performing hospitals in the U.S. are led by physicians and earn significantly more than those that are not. The March newsletters explores why value-based providers should have significant physician leadership.

February 2017--One of the new disruptive areas of providing care for organizations is telemedicine. Value based care organizations are adopting this new technology. This month's newsletter focuses on how they are doing this.

January 2017--Patient-centered care means engaging the patient in order to achieve best outcomes. Sharing decisions with the patient helps move the patient towards better engagement. See how providers are creating care plans with patients to provide better outcomes.

December 2016--The patient experience makes a significant impact upon outcomes for the patient. The environment as well as the relationships with providers are a part of this experience. See how organizations are working to improve patient experience.


Below are links to some other of my past articles that are posted on the web site EzineArticles.com.

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